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"a) remove outdated references to CT statutes;"
"b) correct for grammatical and spelling errors; improper reference to other charter sections;"
"c) update current and best practices such as the maintenance of Town property'"
"d) change transfer procedures for unused budgeted funds;"
"e) change vacancy appointment process to incorporate a “best qualified" provision regardless of party, for elected and appointed Boards and Commissions,"
"f) establish minimum expectations for membership on boards' agencies and commissions;"
"g) Establish a Board of Finance Kickoff Meeting early in the budget process,"
"h) clarify the use of the Minority Representation statute as modified in the charter;"
"i) allow for Boards, Commissions, Agencies and Committees to determine their own meeting rules and procedures in accordance with CGS and Roberts Rules of Order;"
"j) include in Charter the Lake Advisory' Nature Trails/Sidewalk, Water Pollution Authority' Aging Commissions and Cemetery Committee;"
"k) improve and expand the Terminology section?"

2021 Nov 2 :: City/Town of Marlborough :: Question 9 :: Local Question"Shall the current charter be updated to include a variety of recommended changes to the charter designed to: See summary »

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City/Town of Marlborough
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