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j) change the provision regarding the appointment of the treasurer,
k) add a requirement of a plain language summary of the budget,
l) change the date of publication of the annual report,
m) remove references to the judge of probate,
n) change the definition of a majority of the Board of Selectmen,
o) allow addition to Board of Selectman Agendas,
p) change the duration of the temporary public building commission, and
q) make such other grammatical, stylistic and technical changes as are recommended in the final report of the Charter Revision Commission or are otherwise required to reflect those amendments to the charter that are approved by the electors?

2021 Nov 2 :: City/Town of Bolton :: Question 11 :: Local QuestionShall the town charter be amended to make following technical changes: a) change the Economic Development Committee from a required to an optional board, b) add a definition of Total Expenditure Amount, c) change the timing of notices of transfers of special appropriations, d) decrease the term of fire commissioners to four years and change the timing of the appointment of said members, e) change the timing of the election of chairmen of elected and appointed boards and commissions, f) clarify conflict of interest provisions, g) change the method of resolving a tie vote to a coin toss h) add provisions for posting and recording materials of certain board and commission meetings, I) change the timing of the selection of the auditor, j) See "Question Details/Summary" See summary »

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City/Town of Bolton
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